Ornamental olive trees

A piece of the Mediterranean in your garden

If we were to search for a true representative of the Mediterranean, of its climate, its landscapes, its gastronomy, even its people… without doubt the olive tree, like the vine, would be a worthy standard bearer of that geographical essence. But it would contribute so much more to our homes. Having an ornamental olive means also having the elegance, the beauty and the style of a unique tree: a portion of the eternal Mediterranean.


Olive trees for your project

At Land’Oliv we want to bring the most beautiful and artistic tree ever created to your garden, park, enterprise… To do that, we stimulate the development and winter acclimatisation of ornamental olive trees in our nursery, so that your imagination can find the best setting for them.


Olive trees resistant
to cold and winter

Land’Oliv olive trees, olive trees with a guarantee. The differential seal on our ornamental olive trees is their capacity of resistance to the coldest and most demanding European winter climates. The climatic adaptation of a Mediterranean tree so that it can resist the winter cold is the result of a careful and controlled acclimatisation process which takes, in general, from one to two or even more years. This all happens in our tree nursery, which not only has a characteristic location close to the Pyrenees, but also is directed and controlled by our nursery experts.


Acclimatised in the foothills of the Pyrenees

Expert nursery team

Resistance to winter cold

1 year international guarantee*

*Enquire about maintenance conditions.

Varieties and presentations

Choose among a broad range
of ornamental olive trees

With their origin 100% in the Iberian Peninsula, at Land’Oliv we market ornamental Mediterranean olive trees of many types and varieties. Our nursery has an extensive catalogue of olive trees to choose from, among a large number of options and depending on the needs of decoration in your garden, park, site, etc.

Olive trees with different shapes and finishes
With natural smooth trunk or rustic trunk
Sizes from 15 to 240 centimetres
Delivered in a plastic pot or with mesh-wrapped root ball

Sizes available:

With smooth trunk
  • icon 25-30 cm.
  • icon 30-40 cm.
  • icon 40-50 cm.
With smooth trunk or rustic bark
  • icon 50-60 cm.
  • icon 60-80 cm.
  • icon 80-100 cm.
Trunk with rustic bark
  • icon 100-120 cm.
  • icon 120-140 cm.
  • icon 140-160 cm.
  • icon 160-180 cm.
  • icon 180-200 cm.
  • icon 200-240 cm.
The tree nursery

In Lleida,
close to the Pyrenees

Our tree nursery, its strategic location and the experience of our expert field team are key elements in the cultivation of ornamental olive trees, acclimatised and resistant to winter cold. Our inland location in the area of Lleida, where the winters are typified by cold and chilly fog, gives our olive trees a special acclimatisation which enables them to resist oceanic-continental climates, provided that the guidelines on care and maintenance are followed.

"A constant stock of 10,000-12,000 olive trees, with capacity for up to 15,000 units"

Ornamental olive trees transplanted, rooted and with new growth, cared for by our field experts

First treatment in the field

icon Cutting and general cleaning

icon Hygienic treatment for roots and leaves

icon Protective treatment

Treatment on arriving at the nursery

icon Second intensive cleaning

icon General health treatment of the olive tree

icon Preventive phytosanitary treatment

Installation in situ

icon Planting in a pot or with mesh-wrapped root ball

icon Use of our own compost, especially good for rooting

icon Implementation of watering and feeding systems

Careful acclimatisation

icon Control and review of new shoots

icon Watering according to internal expert guidelines

icon Sustainable fertilization

icon Use of bio fertilisers

Total traceability for every ornamental olive tree

From its origin to your garden. All Land’Oliv olive trees are fully registered to ensure that, once they are transplanted into our nursery and introduced into our system, all the details are on record referring to where they came from, the date transplanted and the treatments given. They also have individual plant health passports.

Visit us

Would you like to know our nursery in situ? Get in touch with us and one of our experts will come with you so that you can choose your ornamental olive trees for yourself.


The nursery for acclimatised
ornamental olive trees, leader in Europe

At Land’Oliv we are passionate about what we do. And we enjoy each stage in the process of creating a unique product for your decorative design project: ornamental olive trees. From our selection of every tree at its home on the Iberian Peninsula to delivery of the purest living essence of the Mediterranean, at Land’Oliv our work is to give loving care to the rooting and new growth of your olive tree. Our aim is to deliver, in addition to a very beautiful tree, an ornamental olive that is healthy, strong and able to adapt to different climates.


To do this, we have a unique acclimatisation process, close to the Pyrenees, which allows us to adapt each tree to the cold of European winters. It is a differential factor that hundreds of clients are already enjoying in their parks and gardens around Europe. All this is thanks to our experienced technical team, who care for thousands of ornamental olive trees year after year in our climate nursery. Visit us in situ or use our online app, with thousands of references updated every day, to choose the ornamental olive trees that will suit your project best.

icon Specialists in ornamental olive trees (Olea Europaea)
icon Tree nursery with thousands of references and sizes
icon Centuries-old and ancient olive trees from the Peninsula
icon 100% recovered, rooted and cared for with new shoots
icon Acclimatisation to resist European cold and winter
icon Ornamental olive trees with a guarantee of survival
icon Health guarantee and traceability included for each tree
icon Useful: online app to select your olive trees
icon Sales to professionals, enterprises, administrations…
icon Transport and delivery all over Europe by full truckload

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